We Day Atlantic Canada

Yesterday I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer for the inaugural Atlantic Canada We Day. The Halifax Metro Centre drew a crowd of 8,000 excited and passionate youth who want to change the world. As part of the backstage/talent wrangler crew I got a behind the scenes peek of what this day means to people, and I was completely humbled and inspired to see such a strong call for social change and action amongst our younger generation.

An incredible movement, We Day calls on youth across the country to take part in volunteer initiatives throughout the year for whatever cause that’s near and dear to their hearts – this year-long initiative is called We Act. With the support of teachers and youth leaders, these kids give countless volunteer hours, raise impressive amounts of money, make clean drinking water possible, help build schools, and create opportunities for education for those less fortunate. This year of volunteerism culminates in this amazing event, We Day – a day full of inspiring stories and speeches and musical performances, all with the aim to excite and empower our youth to call for social change.

With performances from the likes of Kardinal Offishal, Hedley, Shawn Desman, and Classified, and speakers such as Martin Luther King III, Michaelle Jean, and numerous ambassadors (such as Molly Burke, Spencer West, and Hannah Alper) the day was nothing short of inspirational.

For more information, or to get involved in the movement, go to weday.com.

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