Ooh la la Osheaga

August 7, 2013

So, I went to Osheaga this year and I had a lot of fun. Contrary to what I’m going to write below, I actually had a ton of fun and was sad the second it ended. I wrote about the entire weekend for The Coast, so I’ll let you read that to get the nitty gritty (and positive) review of the fest. My main learning from the weekend, though? I felt old. And tired.

While there were stand out performances by bands I never would’ve had the opportunity to see otherwise, my best friend and I, who have gone together the last couple of years, both vowed that this would be our last Osheaga expedition. The festival is getting a bit too big for itself. Case in point? Barely anywhere to stand when Ellie Goulding and The Lumineers hit the stage. And don’t get me started on the hostile vibe of the intense fan-girl crowd for Macklemore.

I miss the days when pizza cones were easy to come by and a main stage drew a crowd that allowed room to breathe. The only deal-breaker to this vow of Osheaga abstinence? A big enough name on the lineup. Not sure yet who that might end up being, but I’m taking guesses!

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