The Wallflower in Me

“Standing on the fringes of life offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor.”

Nothing resonates with me more than that line.

It held true when I was 17 and it holds true now (as I allude to here). This movie gave me goosebumps. It brought me to near-tears many times. An effect not too different from what the book does to me… every time I read it.

The adaptation is perfection with a heart-melting story, brilliant casting (oh my Emma Watson) and a killer soundtrack. I was skeptical, as I am when a favourite book is made into a movie, but I wasn’t disappointed. It didn’t hurt that the author wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. A novel idea.

I’m feeling so inspired to read all my favourite books over again and just write. There’s nothing I wish more than that I was a good writer. What is it about a great coming-of-age story that can make you feel 16 all over again – a time when never-ending possibility is at your fingertips, yet all the things you want from life feel so out of reach. And isn’t it funny how that can still resonate? This story, it makes me feel infinite. And Charlie, you have my heart.

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