The Power of Social Media

A few weeks ago I entered myself to “win” an interview for an amazing social media internship at Trampoline Branding in Halifax.


All I had to do was post something cool to their Facebook page and try to get as many ‘Likes’ as I can before May 4th (you can ‘like’ it here).

But, while Facebook is a great & powerful social media tool, it’s not the only one. Social media ‘power’ comes in more than just a Facebook ‘like’. A Facebook ‘like’ is simply a popularity contest. You have to utilize all of your tools to create maximum engagement.

Here’s a little tidbit I learned in my recent marketing job – and I think nothing captures the essence of social media engagement as concisely as this mantra does:

Don’t B.O.R.E your target audience, be:

Brief – Long posts are hard to share and read – especially on Twitter
Optimized – Include links, hashtags, tags and handles where appropriate
Resourceful – Does your content progress the conversation?
Engaging – Ask questions, moderate comments, call for action

What’s your trick to successful social media engagement – share your mantra here! xx

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