Fashion Find: Run Free, Run Wild

A few weeks ago I showed off my newest addition to the jewelry collection, this amazing navy & gold vintage lace bib necklace designed by the super talented Jess Bradford (of fashion blog, Haute Halifax).

Let me tell you a little about what Jess is doing with her new accessories line, Run Free, Run Wild. Her designs are all handmade and eco-friendly using a mix of natural elements and (mostly) secondhand pieces. You’ll find necklaces made with pieces of driftwood, vintage lace, and washed ashore sea urchins (straight from the Nova Scotia coast), and basically any sort of cute, antique pieces she can get her hands on.

I’ve worn mine tons of times and I get so many compliments every time I do. It’s amazing to walk around Toronto with a little piece of the East Coast with me. It’s been fun to style it with different looks, but my favourite is with a simple white tee!

Check out more of Jess’ designs here.


Necklace: Run Free, Run Wild | Tee: Gap | Blazer: Banana Republic


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