Make It Happen

Since the start of 2012, I’ve talked a lot about thinking, dreaming + living large — be spontaneous, save money for bigger adventures, go after my dreams… This mantra reminded me that I set out with a bucket list last summer, so I thought I’d revisit this list and see how I’ve done with these goals now that they’re nearly a year old.

Go sailing. This is one of my for real oldest goals. Well, I plan on holding a friend to his word and finally getting out on Lake Ontario this summer.

Try surfing. Coachella plans are pretty much dashed, so I’m not sure when my next opportunity will be. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Find a “career” job. After many unpaid internships and lots of working/writing my life away for free, I started an amazing marketing job this past October.

Vacation in Orlando. I had a great end of summer vacation at Disney World. It felt well deserved after my 8-month internship + before returning to unemployment.

Go to Osheaga/Montreal. I made the dream a reality and had an amazing (and HOT) weekend in Montreal last summer. Music, beer and sunshine is an unbeatable combo.

Enjoy as many concerts as I can. This is ongoing, really. While I don’t get to go to every concert I really want to, I’m still enjoying plenty of live music.

Read all the unread books in my library. Again, ongoing. I’m making a dent but it’s hard when I keep adding new books. Currently reading: Blonde, bought 2 years ago.

Plan a grand adventure to take place in the next year. Mini adventures are on the horizon, but looming in the distance the seeds of a Europe plan are growing.

So, it seems that I’m doing pretty okay with not only dreaming big but making things happen. Here’s hoping I can keep it up.

2 thoughts on “Make It Happen

  1. Navatar says:

    Just read today's post. Keep it up! If you haven't done so already, for additional inspiration visit the link in my comment on February 17th. It's an older song but it leaves you with the feeling you can take on anything. Definitely a feel-good tune! PS Even though it is from the '70s, revisiting and enjoying the best of what is classic/vintage can make it trendy once again.

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