Mad Men Party: The Fashion

January 16, 2012

I showed you the decor last week, and now here are some fun + kitschy pictures from my Mad Men martini party last weekend!


When we decided to host this party, I kept my goals for 2012 in mind (specifically: save $$) so I gave myself the challenge to pull an outfit from what I already had in my wardrobe (even though I would have loved to wear this!). This ‘Ya Los Angeles‘ dress I picked up from Biscuit during my Halifax travels (that you previously saw here) ended up being the perfect frock to channel everyone’s favourite sourpuss housewife, Betty Draper. I added pearls + her signature curls and felt the part — it didn’t hurt that I had my very own Don Draper on my arm that night, looking oh-so dapper in a full suit, pocket square and suspenders.

My roommate did her best Joan Holloway (pen necklace and all) in a pink and beige ‘Vero Moda‘ shift dress while friend & fellow blogger Laura Brown (of Style Woes) looked to the Mad Men for Banana Republic collection in a vintage skirt and leather gloves. The best part of the night was definitely seeing how everyone interpreted the fashion of the era in their own unique way! How do you think we did?

(Photos via Andrea Hall and Laura Brown)

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    January 16, 2012 at 11:57 am

    As usual, stylin'!

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