Friday Inspiration: 2012 Resolutions

2012: the year of adventure + possibility. Time to make big plans and pursue even bigger dreams.

As I’ve eased into this new year, I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want out of my life. Life is too short to just settle for what you’re given, before you know it, years could pass by and you’re still somewhere you don’t really want to be just killing time in the daily grind. I really don’t want to live my life that way.


I’ve always been a big dreamer, but it sometimes conflicts with my rampant realism and, sadly, that usually wins. But this year, I’ve decided to keep dreaming big, stop waiting for something to happen and go after what I want.

With that said, here are my resolutions for this new + exciting year:

1. Dip my toes in the Pacific AND Atlantic ocean.
2. Maintain proactive + positive thinking all year.
3. Decrease spending on needless things.
4. Make the Coachella dream a reality.
5. Plan a foreign adventure.
6. Save more $$$.
7. Bike more.

What did you resolve to do this year?

3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration: 2012 Resolutions

  1. Navatar says:

    Nice view of the NYC skyline! Good job using a split-focus technique to make the Chrysler Building stand out amongst the out-of-focus buildings in the foreground.

  2. Amanda Wenek says:

    Mel, I love your resolutions!! They ring true for me as well (especially the one about chewing food slower!). Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog — I'm already a big fan of yours! If you ever need a sidekick on any foodie adventures, let me know!

    Thanks for coming on Saturday, I'm glad you could make it. I hope there's more nights like that soon!

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