Canadian Tire Christmas Spirit

This year, local retailer Canadian Tire has introduced the very first Christmas tree powered by Christmas spirit! I think this is such an innovative & cool idea — plus, it reminds me of Elf and the Christmas spirit needed to fly Santa’s sleigh. Every time you share a Christmas message online, it illuminates the tree. So when Christmas spirit is at its highest, the tree shines its brightest. Who doesn’t smile at that?


The tree is on display at Union Station with a live video streaming on the website. Each colour of light is based on the media where the message is shared. You can even read messages from across the country in real-time — a sweet detail, and some of these messages really bring the holidays back into perspective. Personally, I’m down for whatever it will take to get people to forget the presents, the shopping, the running around, the stress, and instead take this time to relax & spend it with people you love!

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