Meet the Haute Halifax Bloggers

December 14, 2011

Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo. When you think of the world’s fashion meccas, Halifax doesn’t really come to mind. But East Coast style bloggers Erin Wright (pictured left) and Jessica Bradford (right) are changing the game with their popular fashion blog, Haute Halifax.

Jess gives handy vintage shopping tips, shares her latest finds, and offers crafty DIY ideas. Erin’s domain is the closet, and she posts outfit pics and reveals her secrets to styling the latest trends on a budget. The girls also give the inside scoop on local shopping, beauty and fashion events.
Today, these style mavens sound off on their favourite Halifax hang outs and fashionable inspirations.

Erin: “I’m just starting to discover my deep appreciation for vintage, so I’d say my favorite is Love, Me Boutique. I particularly love when they partner with MAKENEW Vintage to showcase special vintage collections.”

Jess: “I love the experience of digging through secondhand racks, deciphering between trash and treasure, so my favourite ‘vintage’ shops would definitely be Value Village, Salvation Army, or any place that lets me hunt.”

Erin: “The Wired Monk. They brew delicious coffee and the owner knows almost every customer — if not by name, then by their drink order.”

Jess: “Grabbing a coffee at the Halifax Seaport Market on a Saturday morning is one of my favourite things to do. It’s a great spot to stroll around, pick up a few locally produced goodies and do some serious people watching.”

Erin: “If we’re talking purely for the fashion, Sex and the City. Patricia Field (the costume designer) basically has my dream job. Every single outfit was so original, chic, and appropriate for the character. In terms of non-fiction fashion films, I would definitely say Valentino: The Last Emperor. Pure genius.”

Jess: “Factory Girl. Set in the 60s in New York, this film portrays the life of Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick played by Sienna Miller – the ultimate mod girl. It’s a fashion frenzy of structured minis, oversized earrings, bold sunglasses, tall boots, and gorgeously thick and dark eyebrows.”

Erin: “I would want to meet people with a diverse take on fashion, so from a designer’s perspective, Alexander McQueen, from an editorial perspective, Anna Wintour, and from a model’s perspective, Coco Rocha. They were/are all brilliant in their own trade and would have such unique insight.”

Jess: “Kelly Cutrone to pick her brain on PR in the fashion industry, Gisele Bundchen to teach me how to strut my stuff, and Coco Rocha because I have mad respect for her efforts in trying to change the modelling industry for the better.”

Erin: “I get fashion inspiration from all around me – fashion blogs, magazines, celebrities, street style, store displays, and my own closet. The key is to take cues from all of these various fashion outlets and create a style that works for you. I have a fairly eclectic style, but I do have classic, go-to looks.”

Jess: “I’m spoiled in the sense that I get to be inspired everyday when doing research for future blog posts, but I’m mostly inspired by perusing boutiques and vintage shops. I’m a tactile person, so I need to be able to touch the garments, hold them up in a mirror and actually envision the outfit.”

Erin: “My jewelry collection, which is an assortment of vintage pieces from my mom and Nana, quality gifts from my dad, and costume jewelry I’ve accumulated from everywhere — from Forever 21 to J. Crew. I also have an affinity for all things leather – shorts, skirts, pants, jackets – it’s kind of a situation.”

Jess: “That would be my always-increasing stash of vintage necklaces. They’re all unique and special to me, plus they find me. I swear.”

Erin: “Fashion is a form of art and self-expression. Style is one of the first impressions we leave with others – the basis for which people will begin to identify you with. I believe that style should be a creative extension of one’s self. Whether they realize it or not, most people dress how they want the world to see them.”

Jess: “Fashion isn’t a superficial feat. It’s how you want your own sense of self portrayed to the world.”

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