My Interview with Kelly Wearstler

November 16, 2011
Very exciting news — In September, I got to interview the lovely and talented Kelly Wearstler for ELLE Canada‘s December issue.
When I was asked to take this on, I was awe-struck for two reasons: (1) this would be my first interview/article written not as an intern, but as a freelancer, and (2) I’m a fan of Kelly’s design blog (My Vibe My Life) and really admire her easy, eclectic California style, so, needless to say, I was pretty stoked to pick her brain.

I went to Holt Renfrew to chat with her about the launch of her debut fashion line. She was all things you’d expect from what you get to know of her from her blog: down to earth, sweet, and very funny. She wore charcoal skinny jeans, Louboutin snakeskin booties, a button down blouse and a cream leather jacket. With her signature loose waves and massive smile, her petite frame was striking.

She sipped from a homemade smoothie as she walked me through her collection piece by piece. For 45 minutes, we talked all things design, decor, her blog, and, of course, her fashion sense. And just in time for holiday party season, here’s a bit of sage advice from Kelly on avoiding cliché dressing:


“Being one note, wearing one dress. If you’re going to wear a great dress then put jewelry on and carry a great clutch, and really look like the whole thing. I compare it to interior design, when somebody goes shopping for their house and they buy all their stuff in one store, it looks one note, boring. So it’s nice to really pick your pieces and put them together in a cool artistic way.”

For more ideas and inspiration, check out my interview with Kelly in the December issue of ELLE Canada, on newsstands now! Until then, here are some pics I took of my favourite pieces. xx

Kelly being interviewed by Brittany, the blogger for Holts Muse (my apologies for the blurry photo)

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