Happy Halloween!

My Early Years: A clown

My University Years: A bumble-bee

My Twenties: Lady Gaga

This year, I’m happy to just sit on the couch surrounded by piles of candy and watching old horror movies (the original Amityville Horror is definitely on my list). But for those of you with big Halloween plans, what are you dressing up as?? My favourite kind of costume is where you make it from scratch… pulling elements from things you already own or can make with a quick trip to the dollar store/craft store! Lady Gaga was my favourite costume to make and wear, for that reason!

This post contributes to THE party to be at this Halloween — The October Followers Fest!! Co-hosted by the lovely Casey Wiegand, Much Love, Illy, Danielle: Changing Lanes, and Jess: Boho Baby Bump this initiative links up bloggers worldwide in an effort to introduce new friends and discover fab new blogs!


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Laura B. says:

    Awww love the clown! And I agree the best costumes are the ones you make! I'm right with you on the candy and movies though – Happy Halloween!

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