How I landed my ELLE Canada internship

Intern applications

It was a cold, windy day last November. My hair was all over the place. I was perspiring from the subway trek, and—let’s be honest—nerves. In my babydoll dress and suede wedges, I felt intimidated by the tall, beautiful model-like girl walking out. Then, I forgot all that I knew about fashion.

That was my ELLE Canada internship interview in a nutshell.
I was convinced that I’d blown it.

Happily, I didn’t. People always ask me how I landed my internship, and I tell them I was lucky. But, really, I think I had a little bit to do with it…

This time last year, I was working at an investment firm. I was two years out of grad school with tons of experience and an internship under my belt, and I was jaded—but happy to have a job. I wasn’t content to stay in an industry that I wasn’t passionate about though, and I believed an internship at a fashion magazine would be the golden ticket to my dream career.

Using my journalistic prowess, I tracked down the internship supervisor at ELLE Canada. Right in the nick of time too. She sent me the intern application test… with two days to complete it. I spent hours perfecting it, then emailed it back to her the next day. I waited with bated breath, trying to decide on the perfect outfit should I land a coveted interview with the magazine.

Cue the wind, nerves, intimidation. Somehow I made it through.

3 thoughts on “How I landed my ELLE Canada internship

  1. Amanda Wenek says:

    They took down the Fresh Faces site (such a waste, right!) so I decided to recycle some of the posts I wrote for it on here. Can't let them go to waste!! I'm glad you enjoy it! xoxo

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