Friday Inspiration: Home Decor DIY

October 7, 2011

The ongoing job search has left me with a bit of free time these days. Thankfully, I have a new home to put some of my focus into. For the five years I was in school, I moved into a new place every year so I never bothered to get too comfortable. I didn’t paint the walls, I didn’t invest too much in my furnishings… basically, this nomadic existence left me wanting to ‘own’ the least amount of things as possible. ‘Things’ meaning big, hulking furniture, and anything that would be a nuisance to move. I liked having things I wouldn’t mind leaving behind if I had to.

So now that I’ve found a place to settle into, I decided its time to really make my space feel like a home. I’ve been browsing tons of design blogs, and paying attention to many home decor trends and fun ideas. This week, I’m inspired to take up crafts as a hobby instead of shopping — DIY projects are easier on the bank account and the conscience. With that said, I seriously want to get crafty and try all of the above.

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