The Decor Dilemma

I recently moved into a new apartment and I’ve been running around trying to decorate the place. My new bedroom is MASSIVE at 12×18 feet with HUGE walls. I’ve got all my furniture set up in a way that I’m happy with, but now I’m trying to find ways to store my “stuff” and fill the space on the walls to make everything in the room not feel so, well, small.
My biggest obstacle? The wall space above my bed. I toyed with the idea of getting a bunch of artsy prints I have framed, but even buying super basic, cheap frames ($9.99 each) will still be pricey since I need to frame either six or nine to really utilize the space — and do I really need any more prints? I already have scores of photos on every surface and other areas of the walls. Overkill, I would say.

So my dear friend suggested a pretty cool idea… to hang fabric above the bed from a curtain rod, as she’s done in her own bedroom. It’s a great (cheap) way to fake a headboard! I think I just might try it…


This is what I’m working with…
As you can see, that’s one bare + boring wall. The room is crisp, fresh and fun, but I really want something to cozy it up. Here are a few other ideas I like, or that would just look damn good against that huge wall.

This is my favourite for sure. The room divider. It would look super sharp in white, set against the teal walls, and bring a cozy, vintage feel that I badly want to incorporate into the decor.

Fun/abstract art is also something I considered. But I’m worried it would be too much with the busy pattern in the quilt, and the other photos + prints found around the room.

I think orange would pop really nicely against the teal walls. I hope to eventually find/make some orange throw pillows to round out the bedding and accent details.

What do I do?? How did you solve your headboard dilemma?

(Photos via pinterest)

2 thoughts on “The Decor Dilemma

  1. Anonymous says:

    in my last place I had a quilt hanging of the wall instead of a head-board. it's similar to the idea with just fabric hanging of a curtain road. the one I had used I had made myself, so aside from it being a nice focal point it was also a conversation piece. the only problem is that quilts can be quite heavy so it's a bit tricky to put them up. in my current place I'm not allowed to put any nails in the wall, so no more quilt, and everything else is spread along the floor…

  2. Lindsay [rookie's nest] says:

    Aww thanks for the mention šŸ™‚ What's the quilt on your bed!?! You should tack that to the wall and see what happens, haha! It might be good as a trial run before you go through the effort of putting up a rod, etc. Since your walls are massive you can put it higher up than I did. My ceiling is average height, although I might move mine up higher and put a lighter weight piece of fabric/tapestry over it so it doesnt look so heavy. I feel like I already wrote this somewhere..I'm losing track. Post pics of progress!!! And seasonal changes makes a lot of sense, you arent being spoiled šŸ™‚ A lot of people crave that and purposely change things up as the seasons come and go. The secret is to have base pieces that you don't need to change (think neutrals), then you add in the seasonal pieces and take them away as the season changes! PICS PICS!

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