Fashion Files: Q&A with City and Colour

September 12, 2011
“I love fashion.”

These are the excited first words out of Dallas Green’s mouth when I ask him if it’s alright that I detour from our music convo and ask a few fashion-related questions.

The always dapper and put together musician is the man behind the heartfelt acoustic band, City and Colour. I had the chance to sit down with Dallas at Osheaga this summer to get the inside scoop on some of his favourite things, including fashion.

Green’s style is all his own. He doesn’t use a stylist, and when I prodded him on whether he gets fashion advice from his wife, Leah Miller, he admitted that he actually gives it to her.

“She always asks me what I think of her outfits,” he said. “Me and Leah are both on point with one another so we go to each other for things like this.”

Here are a few other tidbits I learned from the tattooed troubadour regarding his love affair with fashion and personal style.

Favourite store in Montreal: “I actually went to this store this morning that I was really excited about because I’d ordered stuff from their website. It’s called Rooney, and it’s on Notre Dame West. They carry a lot of things that I like. But it was closed! It said open 12 to 5 on Sundays, so I think they’re probably here [at Osheaga]. They closed for the festival. I was so bummed.”

Favourite brands right now: “There’s a brand called Our Legacy from Scandinavia. I really like their stuff. And there’s a really awesome brand from Australia called Vanishing Elephant. They make pretty subdued things too, but they make crazy patterned shirts, shoes, and socks.”

Favourite footwear: “I love John Varvatos shoes. I’ve had these John Varvatos boots for six years. And I tour in them, and just every once in a while, every couple years, I get them re-soled and polished. And his shoes are awesome too. I could go on forever about the things I like.”

Favourite music video growing up: “That’s a tough one. I always loved The Pharcyde videos. You know The Pharcyde, the hip-hop group? Like ‘Drop’. Remember that song, ‘Drop’? The whole video is filmed backwards. Spike Jonze directed it. That was a great video.”

Favourite music video now: “What’s the last music video I saw? Oh my God! I saw the new Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber video yesterday. It’s like an action movie. There’s cars blowing up, buildings falling down, there’s a love story… It’s like a Michael Bay movie! And I think it’s because the song is very boring. I really like his first two singles, ‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Look at Me Now’ with Busta Rhymes and LIl Wayne, but this is the first time I heard that new song and the video is insane. He’s got bleached blond hair, like old Eminem, it’s crazy. So I don’t even know if that’s a good song or a good video, but that’s the one that’s in my head right now.”

Music style icons: “Daniel Romano. He plays guitar in my band. He’s my style icon. He’s the kind of kid who can pull off anything. He can show up to band practice wearing a wetsuit and I’d be like ‘Wow, where’d you get that, it looks great.’ Do you know what I mean, like I wouldn’t even question it.”

Onstage style: “Yeah, I do think about it. I like to wear a nice shirt or something. Depending on the day. Today I’d like to wear a jacket and a shirt, but it’s probably too hot. I don’t know what my style would be considered. Professor? That’s my look. History professor. Tattooed history professor.”

Tattoo tales: “The last one I got was last summer. I’ve kind of slowed down now. I still have lots of space, but I’ve run out of comfortable spots to get tattooed. So every time I have to go get one it’s really painful. Last summer I got a ship’s wheel right here [on my thigh], with my best friend Joanna. Her best friend passed away from cancer last year, and they were going to get this tattoo together before she died, but then she died before they could get it. So I got it with her instead. It was a nice thing.”

Hanging out with Dallas Green at Osheaga.

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