Fall Fashion Must-Haves

The weather is cooling down here in Toronto, and while I’m a summer girl at heart, I always anticipate the onset of fall. If only for the fashion. And the number one reason I love fall fashion so much? Layers.

Here are four essential items for my fall wardrobe:

A blazer. Wear it with a button-down and jeans or a dress and tights. It’s the perfect transition piece, and brings a tailored look to whatever you’re wearing.

Boots. Whether you tuck a skinny jean into a flat boot, or rock a daring wedge ankle bootie, a killer pair of boots are a statement piece for any outfit.

Scarves. A great way to add interest to any outfit. You could wear the same outfit over and over, but when you throw on a scarf it feels like a whole new look.

Denim. Jeans in the summer are way too hot. So come fall, I’m excited to get back into my skinnies. I’ve even added a few flared styles to my closet now.

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