Discovery of the Week: Velcro Rollers

March 8, 2011

My amazing new hair cut + style by Rudy at JC Salon in Bloor West Village. Rudy did hair for Nelly Furtado’s tour last year, and was one of 3 Canadian stylists chosen to do hair for the celebs at last year’s Canada Day concert on Parliament Hill.

Aside from all of that, the man seriously works wonders with a velcro roller! I’ve never seen my hair with so much volume. …Almost ready for the big ELLE Canada 10th Anniversary party this week!

Rudy’s 5 simple steps to giving fine hair loads of volume:

1. Apply product. Mix together mousse and argan oil, and apply to your scalp. Do not run the product through your hair, simply massage it into the crown of your head using your fingertips.

2. Blow dry your hair. Comb and part your hair as usual. The bonus? There’s no need for a fancy blow-out or styling with a round brush. Simply flip your head upside down and blow ’till the hair is dry.

3. Put in large velcro rollers. While your hair is still hot, roll them into your uppermost layers (or your entire head if you wish). Just make sure the section of hair you put on the roller isn’t wider than it. The hair should always be curled under, and the rollers on the side of your head should face to the side while the ones on the top of your head face backwards.

4. Let it sit. Spray with hairspray from about 8 inches back, and let the rollers sit while you do your makeup or make your breakfast.

5. Take out the rollers and run your fingers (or a comb) through hair. You’ll be amazed at how easily the hair falls into place, and how natural it looks!

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