Dear Blog: I’ve been a bad girl

July 26, 2010

With a new job, a new beau, and downtime that’s fairly nonexistent it’s been far too easy to neglect you. I know, I know. It feels like I’ve said this all before, and I hope you understand that while I may leave you dormant for a while every so often, I always intend to return. For better or for worse, we are in this together.

A wise lady once said that writers are often tormented and definitely passionate – uh hello Sylvia Plath & Hunter S. Thompson – and so my lack of pen to paper, er fingers to keyboard, could simply be a result of the happiness and fulfillment I feel in life right now. Do I think this is true? Oftentimes yes, but it’s certainly not the definitive trait of a writer. I was always happy, just a little more angsty before.

Forget torment; let the beauty in life be my inspiration then. The myriad stimuli that inspire me every day, the city adventures that entertain me… I just need to man up and get that ink flowing; give the musings in my head life again, and remember how euphoric it feels to celebrate all these ideas out loud.

To start, a style inspiration:

Summertime Chic


I’ve loved her since The OC (although back then her style was questionable – but it was the early 2000s, enough said). I love these camel Mary Jane heels; their chunky style surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm her small frame, and they give the outfit a presence that a pair of flat sandals just wouldn’t. I love the boyfriend cardigan this season, and pairing a beige one (adore the contrasting black buttons) with denim shorts and a simple tank showcases Bilson’s trademark style perfectly: a mix of the edgy & trendy with the classic. Her dark oversize shades only add to this effortlessly cool, not to mention comfy, summer look.

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