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November 3, 2009

So, did I pull off Gaga?


I’d say my mad scramble paid off. A few trips to the dollar store, a $7 wig, a borrowed corset and gloves, and the rest taken from my own closet… all of this resulted in a pretty polished Lady Gaga get-up.

When Halloween night came along I was anxious to find out if all my random ideas and miscellaneous pieces would work together to give me that signature Gaga look. After an hour and a half of prepping and primping, I finally felt totally and utterly transformed. The veil, the head piece, the sunglasses, the gloves, the peace sign tattoo, the corset- all of the necessities were covered. I attempted the lightning bolt and intense fake eyelashes look, but I wasn’t loving it. The sunglasses would cover it up anyway. The piece de resistance, though, was my gold tissue paper bow (thanks mom!); it really pulled all of the elements of the outfit together. I had a ton of fun getting ready, and then even more fun rocking the look all night long.

I got so many compliments from random people on the street: “You are the best Gaga I’ve seen tonight!” A lot of whistles from boys (who I wish were cuter): “Heyyyy Lady Gaga!” Then the second I got to the Circa dancefloor, three girls ran up to me and excitedly asked to take photos with me. I was ready to start signing autographs!

A friend also dressed up as Gaga, but she did a much different Gaga look than I did so there were no feelings of awkwardness about it. Actually, I was (pleasantly) surprised that I didn’t see more Gagas than I did. I was expecting hundreds of them on the dancefloor! But I actually saw many more Wonder Woman costumes than anything else (thank goodness I forego that option in favour of Gaga).

I loved being able to channel my alter ego for at least one night. Now that I’ve had a taste, I’m a little bit tempted to do it more often… but for those who have to be seen with me in public, I’ll try to refrain.

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