The Art of Going Gaga

I’m attempting to dress up as Lady Gaga for Halloween, and, silly me, I once again left it to the last minute. My extensive knowledge of all things Gaga (not to mention the hours of google image searching I’ve put in) has left me with a myriad ideas, but nothing easily achieved in all practical (and last minute) realities. So here I am stumbling through my ideas in an effort to give my very best interpretation of the Lady and do her justice (the best that a short, brunette could).

Whacky trends and statement looks aside, here is what (I’ve decided) the Lady boils down to… in an overly straight-forward nutshell.


1. Hoods.
2. Gloves.
3. Corsets.
4. No pants.
5. Body suits.
6. Ankle booties.
7. Big sunglasses.
8. Over the knee boots.
9. Exaggerated shoulders.
10. Exaggerated hips with a tiny waist.
11. A hair bow (or some sort of tacky head piece).
12. One shoulder dresses with futuristic embellishment.If you can master one (or a few) of the above then you’ve got the essence of Gaga nailed, my friend. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Going Gaga

  1. M. says:

    I have Just today found out that I am able to go out for Halloween and made last minute plans. I have no time to compile any sort of creative costume as I leave town to embark on my Halloween weekend at Bishop's right after my morning classes tomorrow. Luckily Jonathan has a Spiderman suit in his closet. 🙂

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