Fashion Week: Take 2

October 27, 2009

I don’t worship, idolize or love Pamela Anderson, but, like many others I’m sure, I am curious about her. She is like this other-worldly entity; a thing that I could never come to know or fully understand, and because of that I am intrigued by her.

On Thursday night, the second-to-last night of Fashion Week, Ultra Supper Club and PETA hosted a charity dinner featuring designer Richie Rich and the “muse” for his A*Muse fashion line, Miss Pamela Anderson. Tickets went for $100, so, broke ex-student that I am, I couldn’t go. So sad. This was going to be one of the hottest nights of Fashion Week; the event to go to to see and be seen.

Imagine my elation when I was offered tickets to the Richie Rich fashion show following the charity dinner, where Pam Anderson was again the featured guest! I put on my best party outfit, gathered up my friends, and hit the town!

The fashion show was at This is London with a scheduled start time of 11pm, but of course the first model didn’t hit the runway until about 12:30am. The A*Muse line is animal friendly with no leather or fur involved, and the show featured bright and skimpy cotton pieces, lots of spandex, plenty of swimwear, and a party dress or two.

This was my favourite.


While the clothes themselves were reminiscent of a Betsey Johnson-American Apparel-Urban Outfitters mix, I really enjoyed the fashion show; it was high-energy with sassy models, fun music, and a plethora of bright colours. All of my favourites. The swimwear was extremely original, so many bright colours and sparkly accents, and a small part of me thinks Richie Rich should maybe stick to that (there are already enough ‘cotton t-shirt dresses with neon silkscreen prints’ in the world) – but what do I know?

But, regardless of the clothes or the presentation, the show had a without-a-doubt unforgettable finale. When all of the clothes had been walked, Richie Rich rollerskated to the end of the runway to say a few words about his line and thank everyone for coming. He alluded to what was coming next, which was completely unnecessary since we all knew; the room was buzzing with anticipation.

The music was blaring and suddenly sparkly pink confetti clouded the room as a very glittery Pam came strutting down the runway. I think I actually let out a squeal at this point. Bearing a tube top with the words “THE SEAL HUNT SUCKS” scrawled across it (at least she knows where people are going to be looking), Pam hair-flipped and twirled for a good 3 minutes or so. Richie Rich came out and joined her for a photo-op and the next thing you knew she was gone, the runway was clear, and my curiosity was satiated.

Even though she may be a hot-porntastic-mess, it’s nice to see her using her celebrity for a good cause. What I learned about Pam from this ever so brief encounter? She doesn’t take herself too seriously, her heart is in the right place, and she has fun with life. I applaud you for that Miss Anderson.

Fun Fact: I spotted a few other notable guests at the soiree such as Blake McGrath of So You Think You Can Dance, and Phil Guerrero of YTV fame (aka “PJ Phil”, host of The Zone).

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