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Fashion Week: Take 1

October 21, 2009

Two nights ago I partook in a tried-and-true Toronto tradition, and I’ve finally been welcomed into the ‘True Torontonian’ club; yes, I lost my Fashion Week virginity.

After an evening of wine, primping and Dancing with The Stars, Kat, Sam and I threw on our leather jackets and cutest shoes, and headed to Ultra Supper Club for INK’s opening night fashion show. I went with fresh eyes and an open mind, eager to soak up the ambience all the while hoping I didn’t reek of inexperience.

We wore our brand new dresses wanting to look nothing short of fabulous because, come on, it’s fashion week, you dress to impress. Duh. A fashion-savvy style veteran but a Fashion Week newcomer, I wanted to rock a cute, original look and fit in with the best of ’em.

Here are the top ten highlights from my night, they really have nothing to do with fashion, but they made the night what it was:

1. Jarvis Church performed before the models hit the runway. In case you aren’t familiar with his work, here he is in the early days of his career. Yes I laughed too when I realized who he actually is.

2. I bought a $13 cosmo, and I don’t even like cosmos.

3. Stacey McKenzie from Canada’s Next Top Model also took in the show. Clearly we were keeping good company at this event.

4. We had a good laugh over one of the male models who looked so uncomfortable, was so stiff, and just couldn’t do a runway walk for the life of him. It was so bad that I wanted to look away, I really did, I just couldn’t. The hot, brunette, holy-cheekbone model definitely picked up this guys’ slack though. Swoon.

4b. The show lasted all of 15 minutes, and, being the amateurs that we are, we didn’t realize that all of the designers were shown at once. So we sat around and waited for the next designer to hit the runway, then a trashy-looking girl started dancing on it. She maybe could have pulled off “sexy” if she could actually dance, and wasn’t dressed like she was from the 90s. We were very confused about why she wasn’t kicked off, until people started leaving and we realized that the show was over. Rookie mistake.

5. We met two really huge guys that play for the Buffalo Bills (I looked them up; they weigh a combined total of 620 pounds). The first thing I so charmingly said to them was “What are Buffalo Bills?” Obviously I could care less whether or not you play football. Regardless, we took them with us to the Underground on King St. They bought us drinks.

6. The Underground had bras hanging from its ceiling. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but this was my first time. It was quite the interesting mix of people. I don’t know what I felt more: that I was in awe of the place or just confused about how I got there and why.

7. I met a really nice guy who works for Sportsnet, who I gave my very first business card to! This was a big moment for me (yay networking!) And it turns out he went to SMU too, but he graduated about nine years before I did. We did bond over Peter March.

8. We met a middle-aged black man named Chubs. He talks like he is a philosophical ramblin’ man right out of a movie, like he should have been sitting on a rocking chair in front of a storefront playing cards and talking about life’s lessons. He told me that it’s clear I am the level headed one, that I need to keep taking good care of my friends, and that they can learn a lot from me. Did I mention his name was Chubs? In our goodbye he gave me his pack of matches with the name of his restaurant scrawled across it, and said I must stop by for a visit. Like I said, straight out of a movie.

9. We met some really tall guy. I think he was a pro basketball player. I can’t remember his name. Sam got his number so I am sure his name is somewhere in her phone.

10. We ended the night eating chips on the corner of Queen and McCaul while talking to two tow-truck drivers about life, school, the future, and even current education policies. So random. So classy.

Needless to say, my first foray into Toronto’s fashion week was definitely a memorable one.

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