Live with LC

May 26, 2009

Sometimes I get this idea in my head that I will never be good enough to actually do what I really want to do in life, and it’s all I can think about and I get really really bad anxiety. Anyone else?

But then amazing days come along where I do feel like my life is on the track that I want it to be on; everything seems to be working in my favour, and I feel totally confident in myself and my skills and what I can contribute. Kind of like today.
We had the “Live With Lauren” Aftershow tonight, and it went off without a hitch. I was definitely very excited for this show since a good portion of my time and energy last week was spent helping prep for it. I spent many hours tracking down and time-coding clips from the Laguna Beach and Hills archives. In other words, I pretty much re-watched every single episode. These clips were used in the many montages that played throughout tonight’s After Show; Lauren at work, Lauren being backstabbed by a friend, Lauren and Jason moments, Spencer saying “Ooooo”, etc etc, you get the idea.

So, it’s always a great thing to finally see the final product; the culmination of all your hard work. And tonight was no exception. I felt really accomplished that I helped play a part in the success of tonight’s show, and seeing my hard work on the TV screen really helped remind me that I do have something to offer.

I love days like this, they just melt the anxiety away!

Maybe I am cut out for this after all.

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