My Television Debut

May 12, 2009

I got my 15 minutes today!!! Well, more like 1 minute… but still…

One of the “friends” cancelled on The Aftershow, so they asked me to fill in

They asked me in the morning right after the pitch meeting. I’ve been grappling with the issue of overstepping boundaries in the pitch meetings; not wanting to be too “in your face”, but still wanting to make my voice + ideas heard and show that I can contribute. So last week I was testing the waters, saying what I read in celeb news but not really going any farther than that. Then today I jumped in headfirst hoping I’d land on my feet. I acted like myself, was outgoing, I threw my ideas out there and wasn’t shy to disagree or suggest another angle. I wasn’t afraid to take the reins, and I guess they took note of this because they asked me based on the ideas I had in that meeting. Awesome!

I was super stoked about it, a little anxious, but only because my on-air experience has been reading from a teleprompter… not live and unscripted. Yikes! But as the day wore on I felt more and more confident about it, and very excited. I was only bummed I didn’t know about this twist of fate this morning, when I chose the simple ensemble of jeans, a tank and flats. Oh well. Today could have been the day I decided to go in with a hoody and a ponytail… so it could have been worse for sure.


I felt great and not nervous at all once the show started. I was only worried about the “rules of play”… when are the friends “allowed” to start talking, when is it okay to jump in with your opinion, etc. Again, I was terrified of cutting people off – Dan or Jessi to be specific. I had no idea when it was appropriate to start talking, so I always waited for another friend to go first. This usually meant it was really hard to get a word in edgewise or time ran out before I could get a chance to add something. I guess those are little cues and feelings you will pick up the more you do it. Also, I was super pumped to talk about Lady Gaga on Ellen, but that was the only thing they didn’t have a conversation about! But I did say one or two things, so I hope that I didn’t completely fail the Aftershow staff who put their faith in me.

Today was just SO good that I am terrified it can’t get any better from here. Don’t get me wrong, I am committed to making it only get better from here, but oh dear, I am scared I peaked on Day 7.

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