MTV Canada: Week 1

May 8, 2009

Sorry it has taken me so long to fill you guys in on how MTV is going! I have been working insane hours, such long days that I am not used to, so I basically come home and crash; the thought of forming coherent sentences exhausting me even more.

On my first three days I shadowed two “veteran” interns, and learned the ropes pretty quickly. There are general tasks we do during the day, and then from about two hours before The Aftershow starts, up until it’s finished, there are specific tasks that need to get done to ensure the smooth production of the show.

The interns are solely responsible for these tasks, and on day 4 it was our first night without any veterans there to guide us. Needless to say, I was anxious and my stomach was butterfly-filled. But, the best feeling I’ve experienced so far was right when The Aftershow finished and I was hit with that realization that we pulled it off without a hitch… I felt so responsible and accomplished! It was wonderful.

In terms of daily tasks, I’ve gotten to transcribe interviews, watch TV shows and talk shows and mark down embarrassing, awkward, or funny moments, time-code clips, perform research, go to pitch meetings and pitch ideas, sit in The Aftershow audience, and, of course, do that cliché intern coffee/lunch run.

This Week’s Lesson: Watching the Hills is great fun, and I’ve always known they aren’t the most eloquent bunch on TV, but only once you transcribe an episode do you realize how tedious, redundant, and pointless their conversations really are. Like, totally, like. Yeah.

Anyways, here is my summer jam… enjoy!

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