The Reigning Kings of Rock

April 22, 2009

Kings of Leon… The. Best. Band. Ever. I just arrived home from their show at the ACC, and I am still twitching with excitement and adrenaline! I always knew KOL was a kick-ass band and I have loved them to death for years, but I had never seen them live before.


I was lucky enough to snag floor tickets to tonight’s show, and never mind the douchey fans I encountered – pushing and yelling at one another vying for that perfect viewing spot, throwing bras and flashing boobs, smoking cigarettes and throwing the still-lit butts into the crowd – the concert was spectacular.

The Southern, Christian-raised boys are nothing short of rock Gods. Singer Caleb Followill’s voice was bang-on from the minute he got to the stage to the moment he left it; never a note straying, his unique sound permeating the large stadium. His bandmates – brothers Nathan (drummer) and Jared (bass) and their cousin Matthew (lead guitar) also performed with perfection and flair.

They definitely lived up to that rock star image portrayed in their latest music video, Use Somebody. Caleb, drinking wine and dancing during musical breaks; Nathan, blowing bubblegum bubbles in between sips from a beer; Jared, making all the girls scream with his bedroom eyes and come-hither looks; and Matthew, playing his guitar with his teeth when he wasn’t chain smoking cigarettes.

There were no bells and whistles for these boys…. the music; the talent; the performance: it spoke for itself. The one and only downer for me this evening? (Aside from all the douchebaggery going on in the audience.) They didn’t play my all time favorite song.

I haven’t felt so smitten with a band in such a long time. Man it feels good.

(Photo by Rachael Carswell)


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