Two and A Half Weeks…

…and then real life starts. And, oddly enough, I am really excited!

If you’d asked me two months ago whether or not I was excited to grow up and get my future started, I would have said HELL NO. But, if you’d told me two months ago that my life would be going in the direction that it’s going in, I never would have believed you.

I had to let go of the dream of living in California this summer, or of going somewhere warm to mark the end of this chapter in my life (always the wishful thinker). Instead, in three weeks I’ll be moving back to Toronto to live with my mom and I’ll be starting the kind of internship that I’ve dreamed of my whole life. Definitely a far cry from my original ideas, but isn’t it crazy how life sometimes just works out better than planned?

Time to say goodbye to the scared girl I once was. And hello to the confident, forward-looking young woman I’ve become.

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