And A New Chapter Will Begin

March 23, 2009

So, I was recently offered, like, the best summer internship ever… dun dun dunnn….. are you ready for it?

MTV Canada, here I come!

I headed to Toronto for the interview, on Friday the 13th (“good thing I’m not superstitious” was the interview icebreaker), and made my way to Yonge & Bloor to decide my fate. This was the first “real” interview I’d had in three years. My dad gave me some good advice: just be yourself and imagine you are chatting with someone who could potentially be a new friend. It was likely my interviewer would be in my peer group, and we obviously would have the same interests… I feel like he was really right about this.

I felt really good about how things went; I was confident, I was enthusiastic, and most importantly I was myself. We exchanged anecdotes, we bonded over Perez Hilton, and we both prefer The City over The Hills. I really wanted this internship and knew I would be perfect for it, so I really tried to let that show naturally.

But it’s always in hindsight that you start to doubt yourself.

After leaving the interview, I realized it only lasted 20 minutes… (Oh my God, was 20 minutes long enough to let my personality show through? Was it that short because they hated me and I bored them?). So, basically with each passing minute after leaving MTV I was becoming more and more convinced that I messed everything up.

I was asked to talk a bit about myself (I hate this question) and all I talked about were my degrees and where I grew up. Boring! I didn’t say anything about my involvement in the Halifax music scene, or the articles I’ve written and the bands and filmmakers I’ve interviewed… I even brought a portfolio which I DIDN’T SHOW. I guess I assumed I would be asked about my relevant past experience… which I wasn’t. Lesson learned: never assume anything, take your chance when you get it.

So when all was said and done I started thinking about all these things I should have said but didn’t, and worked myself into an anxious tizzy hating myself for messing up this chance.

Then, about two hours after the interview, I received an e-mail… saying that MTV would love to have me!!! Sigh of relief.

So now, [MTV acceptance speech-style] I would like to thank a few people for helping me get where I am today. Paloma, Meredith, Pamela: The three of them really pushed me to apply for this and they upped my confidence tremendously, I finally believed that I could do this. Growing up, I idolized “Rick the Temp,” watching him interview the Backstreet Boys and N Sync, oh such jealousy I felt! And because arts and entertainment is my passion, I really placed these shows on such a high pedestal that I never believed I could be a part of it all someday. Well, I was proven wrong.

Moral of the story… dreams can come true with a little passion, determination, and elbow grease. Ben Mulroney, watch out.

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