A Horse? An Horse!

March 9, 2009

On Saturday night I had the privilege of interviewing this awesome band from Brisbane Australia, An Horse for a school assignment before they played at the Green Room here in Montreal. It was their very first show in Canada, and they were so stoked about playing here since we are “outrageously attractive and kind, gentle souls.” They rocked the house, and, needless to say, the fans rocked them right back.

They have toured all over Australia and the US with Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan and Sara. In fact, they gave their EP to T&S on a whim and were quickly invited to tour with them, and from there An Horse has been going nonstop. They are currently touring North America, with only a handful of Canadian dates, and playing at South by Southwest later this month.

Anyways, the interview went really well and I had so much fun!! They are such a hilarious and disarming pair, and oh-so-charming. They are going to be on Letterman this Wednesday night, and I’m getting the feeling that I lived through the start of something very exciting!

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