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Calling All Shopaholics!

March 4, 2009

So, I just returned home from seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic… and the verdict is in folks, I loved it!!! Having read the book many times and then, via preview-watching, being quite disappointed in the many liberties I noticed they took in the film (ie, turning British Becky Bloomwood into an American) I was pleased to discover that I actually thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic take.

The movie took the Becky Bloomwood we all know and love from the novel, as well as many elements from her life, but it very successfully made changes that were well suited for the story that the film wanted to tell. It stayed true to the book, but it also tried to stand apart from it. I can respect that.

And what did I take away from the film? Well, honestly, the hope that a hunky British magazine editor would waltz into my life with a job offer and a trip to Miami.

In all honesty though, I completely understood where Becky was coming from (although I would never go $16,000 in debt over such a mindset). But, shopping does kind of stop the world, at least for those few hours of indulgence. You feel like you could be anyone anywhere in the world without a single care or responsibility- and who doesn’t want to feel that way, at least for a few minutes?

It’s reminiscent of playing dress up and make believe as a child. Only, as a child you don’t have a single care or responsibility, so when the sequin gown comes off and you arrive back in your basement from the Paris nightlife, you just go upstairs and eat a PB&J sandwich; you don’t receive a $900 Visa bill in the mail.

In my opinion, new clothes, like new environments, have that air of a chance for a new beginning. Or at least a new chapter in your life. They bring a positive energy with them where you feel like anything is possible and the world is at your fingertips, and I thrive on that.

A few of my favourite recent purchases?


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