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You May Be Surprised…

February 27, 2009

I am very technologically inclined, and generally always in the know with the new technological trends. Yet, I am always a few steps behind when it comes to acquiring them for myself. I feel like I abstain just out of principle; knowing that a year later there will be something newer and better out on the shelves, and that the purchase I saved up for months in advance will just be obsolete in a few years.

But I feel like I am finally catching up with the rest of the world: I bought an iPod.

While packing for my reading week trip home, I was loading new songs onto my three year old mp3 player when I finally decided 80 songs at a time was not good enough for me. A five hour train ride from Montreal to Toronto requires a much more extensive song list.

I am a huge lover of music, and I think about my music in the same way I think about clothes. When I pack for a trip I never know what to bring because I don’t know what I will feel like wearing on any given day… so I try to pack as much as my suitcase will allow.

Well, it goes the same for music. I don’t want to have to pick and choose and then decide once it’s too late that I wish I put on more Lily Allen and less Rihanna. More Justin Timberlake and less Rachael Yamagata. So that was it. I refuse to have to pick and choose! I decided it was time to finally catch up with the rest of my generation.

I asked my brother, a tech whiz, to help me research iPods. He immediately directed me to the online Apple Store where I could choose from a selection of refurbished iPods. About five minutes later, I left that website having purchased this bad boy.

8gb and 2000 songs later, I am in love. I will never have to sacrifice Katy Perry for John Mayer ever again. Now if only I could find a similar situation for that clothing problem…

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