One Night With Aoki

November 8, 2008
Last night Steve Aoki came to Montreal, and I went to his DJ set proudly donning not a hint of American Apparel, expecting to be the black sheep… surprise, I saw nothing inspired, only tired.
Girls wearing barely there outfits a la Urban Outfitters/AA/rip-offs of whatever NYC hipster kids are wearing nowadays were dancing on ledges with… their legs wide open. Trashy not classy. I definitely could have snagged a few paparazzi shots reminiscent of those infamous Lindsay Lohan sans underwear photos, except, luckily for this girl, she was wearing underwear.
So yes, while I was trying to enjoy one of the best DJs the world has to offer and just dance my face off, I had crotches of 16-year-old-looking girls right. in. my. face.
Aoki is famous for inviting hot “fans” up on stage with him, and for having an entourage of girls eager to head off at the end of the night with him. Girls were giving lap dances on the stage and swigging from Aoki’s 26er of Grey Goose, and there was even one “fan” who stripped to her bra.
I was disgusted with the whole scene.
When did it stop being about the music?
It seems more and more that this sex symbol craze is beginning to permeate all genres of celebrity. Before it was left to Leo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, and the manufactured boy bands, but now it’s everywhere you look and the true meaning behind what these people do has been lost; sometimes the celebrities themselves lose sight of it, but definitely many of the “fans” seem to have become, shall we say, distracted.
Perhaps this is selfish, but the over eager attention seeking girls totally took away from my whole point of being there; to enjoy the dance party, the music, and the performance put on by a bonafide talent whose work I respect and admire.
Or maybe I’m just naive?
(Photo by Amanda Wenek)

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